"Make God Great Again" - Will Witt PragerU influencer to Hetek
On Leftist indoctrination on universities, the strange fascination with Marxism and a dire need for a Conservative vision
"Make God Great Again" - Will Witt PragerU influencer to Hetek

Photo: Will Witt

Starting out as an Atheist-Liberal, he became disillusioned with the intolerant Leftism at university. He joined America's most pupolar Conservative organization, PragerU, and today he proudly spreads Conservative Christian values through his videos in front of hundreds of followers. Hetek interviewed Will Witt on the current ideological war going on in the US, and how he is trying to change minds with his activism.

Firstly, we would like to hear a little bit about you. Who are you, how did you get here, how did you end up with PragerU, doing this influencer thing? Did you grow up Conservative, or was there a turning point in your life where you realized that this is the truth you want to pursue in your life?

Growing up I was never a Conservative, I was, I guess you could say a Liberal-Atheist person my entire life. But actually everything changed when I went to university. You know a lot of kids when they go to university they get indoctrinated with what the left is pushing on them, but for me, it was the complete opposite.

I went, I saw how crazy they were, and I was like, wow, I cannot believe, this is what they are teaching us here.

So I started to get very involved. This was back in Colorado where I went to university.

I started speaking around in different campuses, setting up student groups, and then eventually I worked with PragerU. I found out about them online, I started watching all their videos, and I loved them. So I decided to make a video for PragerU by joining their student program, Prager Force. I learnt how to shoot the video myself, edit the video, send it to PragerU, and they loved the video and posted it. Then they came and said: Will, do you want a job with us, and I said: sure! I dropped out of school after two years, mooved to Los Angeles, California, and that’s how I got to where I am now. It was about two years ago.

Will WItt
Photo: Will Witt

And you never went back to university?

I did not. I am actually taking classes now through a university called Colorado Christian University. I am doing it all online. But I didn’t go back to traditional public in person university, no.

Do you consider yourself a believer now? Because you said you are from an Atheistic background.

Oh yes, definitely, definitely. As I became more Conservative, I started learning about those values, I saw how really intertwined they are with God and Western, Judeo-Christian values.

Well, that’s a first that I hear that someone went to university and became Conservative in the States. Is the situation really that bad in colleges there?

It is terrible. Well, I’ve been saying this for the past couple of weeks, you know, we have President Trump in office and he is putting Conservative legislations through, and making Conservative, more Republican things happen in the country.

But does it really matter if he does things if within the next 10-20 years these students all getting indoctrinated by the Left everywhere they go in the universities?

That is why it is so terrible, not just because it’s really bad, but because they have no other choice of learning, so they are going to come out of there, believing this leftist dogma, this agenda and pushing for that every single place they will go. That is why it is so incredibly important that we stand up and speak against what is happening in these universities, because it is just that terrible.

But you know what I’ve found extremely fascinating with the situation that is in the US right now? I see a radical mass on the street, at least that is what comes across from the news. A majority of them do not seem to be college educated guys, so is it really just the education that is the problem over there? Why are they so easily radicalized in the movement, how did we get to that chaos that we can see in the news?

Well, the main purpose of that is that Leftism has become a religion. So as faith in God and the Judeo-Christian values has declined in the West, declined in America, people still needed some sort of meaning in their lives, and that meaning came in the form of Leftism.

So if you see all of your friends are chanting for Black Lives Matter, or they are posting black squares on their Instagram, or going out in protesting, you are going to want to do the same thing too.

You are going to want to be a part of that kind of ’herd religion’, as I call it.

So it is very tantalizing to go and do all these thing when you feel you’ll get a social bump-up, because you are doing what everyone else is doing. Even if you did not necessarily attend university, it is being told on the mainstream media, it is being told by the Hollywood celebrities that they watch, and it is being told by all their friends. So they are not getting a lot of chances to experience a different point of view. 

US riot
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It seems like a huge peer pressure. 

Oh yeah, definitely, definitely. The ’Leftism religion.’ You know when I was becoming a Christian, Christians who were around me, welcoming me, were some of the most heartwarming and nice people I have ever met. They did not hate me for being an Atheist, they said: ’We love you, and we are so happy that you want to join us in this journey!’.

When it comes to Leftism, if you are against their religion, that is not the case. They shame you, and they are trying to destroy you, they cancel you.

It is not about love or acceptance, it is about destruction, shame and guilt.

But how did we get here? When was the point where Conservatives lost ground, and the Left got control over public discourse? How did it happen?

Well, It has been happening for a long time. In the 1960s, we had the kind of free love, hippie movement kind of stuff. Then all those people who were out there at the marches are now professors. They are the people now working in Hollywood. They are the ones working in Academia. So they have influenced these things across all parts of culture within America. There is really no escape from that either, because it has gotten into every part of society. So society is continuing to move away from Conservative, Christian values, and more toward these Leftist, Communist in a way, values.

It is interesting that you’ve mentioned the Communist values. From a perspective of Hungary which is in the center of Europe, the heart of Europe it is a post Communist country, and it is alarming for us to see that strange fascination of the West, especially the American youth, with Marxism and the Communist values. What is that all about? It proved wrong everywhere in the world, why the American youth thinks that it will work there?

There is a lot that goes into this question. First of all, think like something of an example of Hungary, or of Venezuela, as Conservatives say. I think Conservative messaging is wrong. Like when they talk about Venezuela has failed because of Socialism or Hungary because of Communism.

I’ve never been to Hungary. I’ve never been to Venezuela. I can’t see these things for myself. It is hard for me as a younger person to get really attached to these examples and say, ok, I see why this has failed.

Young people don’t necessarily understand that. And then look at the education system. These students are coming out of school… they are shipping all of the jobs in America overseas, and they are coming out of schools to get probably some tech job, and move to some big urban city. They are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt now, everything is getting more expensive – healthcare, education, housing – and they have no money, no savings.

Then a politician comes along and says: we want to give you these things for free. We want to give you free healthcare, free education, and Socialism is the way. Of course it is so tantalising for them: yes, that is the ideology I represent. Conservatives are sitting around, saying: we want you to be responsible for yourself.

If you are someone, who is 21 years old, you get out of college and you hear that, what sounds more enticing to you? Of course getting free things from the government, but they don't understand the repercussions, because the Conservative messaging has been bad.

There aren’t any examples enough for them to see that hit close enough to home for them.

What do you think is the end game, and who is actually pushing this Marxist agenda? We talked about the youth, probably also victims of this agenda. Who is pushing it and for what reason?

I think that the reason is always money, obviously. These people in office are making handover fist, millions of dollars pushing these ideas.

It is interesting that they think about the money, because Marxism should be against capital. 

Right. It is all hypocrisy. One of the things we are talking about is Leftism as a religion and what my new documentary is about, it is about climate change, the environmental movement has become a religion. Al Gore has made hundreds of millions of dollars profiting of the climate change movement, while getting every single fact in his first movie almost completely wrong. It is like, they can continue to do these things and victimize themselves and all these younger people and continue to make money at basically no cost.  

They are buying beachfront property in Florida, even though they say that the sea level is going to rise. It is completely hypocritical, and they are all doing it for the power and money.

It is really sickening, because they are using people like me, my age, as a prop for them.

What seems to be alarming in this whole scenario that you have depicted is that always a revolutionary type of reaction came out of Marxist regime change. I don’t know if they are aware of it, and if they are, what do they expect regarding their own safety?

I don’t think that they are aware of it. In America right now we live in a most prosperous, easy to live time ever in recorded history. You can change the temperature of your house. You are so comfortable living in America, there are so many good things that you can have. So when something like that happens, then people have a sort of strife within their communities. They feel like they need to fight for something. Especially when you take away God, and then the government becomes god. They don’t know the history of Communism, of Marxism, so they can continue to push these values, because their lives are so easy.

Don’t they teach these things?

They do a little bit, but in my opinion most of the people are going to college for the most part not to learn anything but to party, and get a degree to get out of college and party for a few more years, before they actually really have to start working. So they might have had some things about Socialism and Marxism, but

when I went into college my freshman year, I couldn’t tell you what Socialism was, I had no idea. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

I could probably barely tell you the three branches of power in America or any of the amendments. They were taught but not in a way that is sticking with kids for the most part. A lot of responsibility lies also on the parents. Parents need to be much more responsible for teaching their kids these values, but they are not. They just let hem go off to college, be radicalized and then that’s the end of it.

Can you change the minds of many people? It seems to me that many of them believe their own leftist religion with a fervent heart and they don’t seem to be easy to convince to the other way. Do you have examples and stories when you could persuade someone to become more Conservative, to change their views, to see something differently?

Oh plenty. Hundreds of examples. It has been absolutely amazing. The primary purpose of my videos has always been to change minds. There are other people who are Conservative and go out on the streets, and a lot of them are trying to make leftists look stupid, but my goal has always been to change minds. I’ve just set myself apart that way.

The key to changing someones’ minds is to make them change their own minds.

It sounds kind of confusing. But when I’m asking these people questions, I don’t go up to them and say: climate change is wrong, and this is why. I say, why do you thing climate change is right? Why do you think we have twelve years left? Practicing it better, being able to lead them with the questions, and eventually, they are forced to change their own minds, because they didn’t have the answers themselves to the question you’ve just asked them.

You are just kind of their guide going down the road to Conservatism. You are guiding them along asking these questions they’ve never thought about, instead of just going and telling them.

I’m just some guy who met them on the street 30 seconds ago, what, am I going to be be the person go goes up to them and tells them what is the right answer? No, they don’t care about that. They don’t want that. They want someone to actually have a conversation with them. That’s the way I’ve been able to change tons of minds and been really successful.

If you don’t find it too personal, I just want to ask if the same thing can happen within a familiar circle. How did your family relate to this change that you went through?

When I dropped out of college to go and live in Los Angeles, my mom was not very happy. No one in my family was. No money, no anything, no degree, I just moved out. But luckily I’ve been able to be incredibly successful. My mom is so proud of me. I just grew up with my mom and sister. My dad was never in the picture. But it’s funny: my mom and my sister and my grandparents, they are Conservative when I’m around, and I talk to them when I go back home and visit them. But then I wait a few months, cause I’m here in Los Angeles, and by that time they start to get leftist again. Then I have to come back home and I have to go and do it again, and talk to them again. It’s like I have to continually redo this cycle over and over again. Regardless, my mom’s values of hard work and responsibility, the things that she taught me by herself in raising me, those are Conservative values.

So when I went to college and became a Conservative, it is because of these values that my mom instilled on me, these kinds of ’common sense values’, that I saw other students just did not have.

Despite my mom and me disagreeing on some stuff from time to time, we all still share a similar value system. It is possible to change the minds in the family, but I always tell people that it is not worth it to destroy any sort of family relationship for the sake of politics. You are only going to make your life worse.

Let us talk a little bit about the future. Is there a chance for a profound Conservative turn in America? Or should we expect this leftist ideology slowly swallowing the country? Is there a silent conservative majority, and can they be mobilized somehow?

I’m sick and tired of us being silent. It is really, really annoying to me. California, where I live, used to be a Republican state, with Ronald Reagan as governor. We were a Conservative state for a long time, and now we are one of the most leftist place in the nation. In 40 years it could flip, and I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

There is kind of this ideology around Conservatives in America, which is: it is so hard to be a Conservative in the US right now, if I speak out of being a Conservative, I will get shamed and ostracized in my community, etc. That is kind of the leading narrative with conservatives right now, an I’m sick of that.

When I was in college, I would go in my Political Science and Sociology courses, and they would hate me, because every single I’d raise my hand and call them out on the crap they pushed.

I would have kids coming up to me afterwards and say: Will, I love what you said, I’m just too scared to say it. Do you want to be friends? And I’m like, no, I don’t want to be your friend, you are too scared to speak up for your values, you are putting all this on me, you need to do this too!

I can’t do this all alone. But the students are too scared. If they continue to be too scared, that is how the Left wins. The Left wins based on fear. They make us afraid of speaking out. We have to speak out, and then we can take this country back. But it will continue to get worse until the Conservatives can actually do that.


What do you see with the situation of the Supreme Court? This vacancy that RBG left behind. Do you think there is a chance that it will be more Conservative? I mean more revolutionary Conservative, because there were always a lot of Conservative judges on the panel, but they seem to be silent or even tend to go with the left. Do you think there will be stronger Conservativism in the panel?

I really hope so. But the Left is absolutely going to loose their minds, when it comes to appoint a new judge. It is absolutely ridiculous. I mean when Scalia died in 2016, they were trying to appoint a new judge during an election year. But now that it is Trump who wants to do the same, they say, no, you cant do that. The hypocrisy with these people is unreal. We are going to see them go crazy. And if there really is a Conservative judge, they are going to loose their minds even more.

It is scary now to think that if something happens, if we do something as American Conservatives that the Left doesn’t like, they are going to riot. That sucks that we have to have that at the back of our minds, we’re kind of scared if we do something powerful and strong, the Left will go and destroy some city or shoot some police officer.

But Conservatives need to stand up and speak out.

Do you give credit to the threats and the rhetoric of the Left and the Democratic leaders, like John Kerry or Hillary Clinton? Their rhetoric reflects civil war, violence on the streets if Trump is reelected, or if Trump does not accept a potential defeat. Do you think that after November the 3rd there could be a huge unrest of America’s streets?

Yes and No. I see social media, and it takes everything in a magnifying glass and just explodes it everywhere. One person tweets something, it goes viral, and now everyone things it is going to happen. It is just the nature of social media.

An example: if you go to the grocery store, or you ride on a bus, and you look around and see all those faces, you think these people are to pick up arms and go and kill people who disagree with them? Of course not.

Most people just want to sit at home, watch Netflix, and hang out with their dog.

So I think there will be pockets of people in this country who are radicalized on the Left and the Right who are going out and fighting in the streets, but the majority of people will be way too scared or just don’t care enough.

But that little group can wreck havoc.

Yeah, I’m not saying they can’t cause a huge stir. But it takes people that we’ve elected to office –governors, mayors, city council – to stand up to these people and bring in troops and put laws in place to stop these people. Right now in a lot of these cities where this is happening, people in power are so weak, they are doing nothing to stop the violent destruction of their own cities.

You had an amazing video about the need for a Conservative vision for the future, and that you couldn’t name one yourself. Has it changed since? Why do you think it is essential for Conservatives to look to the future instead of always referring to the past?

I wish I had a better answer for you on a vision for America. It is a very difficult question that is why I thought it was very important that I asked it. Having a vision for America is how we win, it is how we influence hearts and minds. But right now we don’t have that vision for young people, we don’t have that vision for Conservatives. Everything we do is just a defense to what the Left is doing. We give a diagnosis to what they are doing, but not necessarily an antidote.

The number one thing that I have been thinking about is this: make God great again. Seriously. Having those values come back to America, come back into the West will make everyone’s lives better.

If every single person in the world followed the ten commandments or tried to follow them as well as they could, the world would be a better place.

I ask this from Atheists as well, I say: Atheists, do you think that if everyone followed the ten commandments, the world would be a better place? And they say yes, these are good values. These are values that everyone should look to emulate.

But we are not having that right now in America. I thing that if we actually moved in that direction, we would have a better vision for America. But it’s not a good enough vision for America, I have to sit down and think about it more. I’m writing a book and the last chapter is called: Vision for America.

What is the book about?

I can’t spoil too much, but it will be about how I talked to thousands of people now and changed their minds on hundreds of topics. It is basically a guide for people how to go into basically any situation will all these different topics and actually change people’s minds on them, like I have done.

Who do you expect to win in November?

Donald Trump, I definitely expect Donald Trump.

What would happen if we wouldn’t?

It seems to me that we are in a hard place. If he wins, the Left is going to riot, if he looses… we’ll loose.

And finally, do you have any favourite stories that happened to you during your activism?

I actually have two. The first one is when I went to the Navajo Indian reservation. I’ve done a video beforehand when I dressed up as a Native American and got shouted at campus, death threats, they’ve ripped off my costume, they threw me off campus. I was like, ok, is this really legit? So I went to the Navajo reservation to talk to the Native Americans there. They were in love with everything that I did.

They weren’t offended by cultural appropriation, they weren’t offended by the Washington Red Skins name, and they didn’t want these dumb college kids getting offended for them on their behalf.

They wanted them to stand up for their values and to be proud of them. People who are representing them to be proud of what they are doing. That was irrefutable evidence that the Left was wrong, and I love it when I come across things like that.

The second example is: I was doing a speech, and this is part of the reason why I keep going, I keep doing what I’m doing even with all the hate, a single mom during the speech came up to me, and she said that she would want her son to be like me. It was so incredibly heartwarming.

That’s why I do what I do, because I want to push these values on people and have people grow into this.

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