Sandor Nemeth: Let's pray together for Jerusalem and Israel!
Message from the Senior Pastor of Faith Church Hungary
Sandor Nemeth: Let's pray together for Jerusalem and Israel!

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2023. 10. 09.
The genocidal terrorist offensive of Hamas raises the question: can Israel tolerate a political movement and organization in its neighborhood and on its land whose goal (the indiscriminate killing of as many Jews as possible) is the same as that of the Nazis?

One of Hamas' explanations for the massacre is that many Jews visit the Temple Mount, which they say only Muslims have the right to do. As with many of the false arguments of the terrorists, we must reject this as well.

Jews have the right to ascend the Temple Mount, as Christians too have the right to go there and pray, both for historical reasons and based on the right to freedom of religion guaranteed in international treaties.

This hill, along with Jerusalem and the land of Israel, originally belonged to the Jews, who were forcibly expelled from there nearly two thousand years ago. But the Jews have never renounced the Temple Mount, and they will not do so in the future. It is time for world leaders to take note of this historical fact.

Christians revere the place because of Jesus Christ and insist on being able to visit it, because during his stay in Jerusalem, Jesus taught here and performed many miracles upon the hill. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the subsequent birth of the Church took place on the Temple Mount as well during Pentecost.

Jews and Christians together must therefore firmly demand from world leaders and the UN to ensure religious freedom for the followers of both monotheistic faiths.

However, we are aware that human intention is often not enough for this end, hence we shall together ask God that there will be such a change in the status of the Temple Mount in the near future that would grant this justified demand for Jews and Christians alike!


Pastor Sandor Nemeth

Founder and Senior Pastor 

Faith Church Hungary

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