Over 5000 demonstrated in solidarity with Israel in Budapest
Over 5000 demonstrated in solidarity with Israel in Budapest

Photo: Dániel Gerják

2023. 10. 11.
Hetek, a Hungarian Christian weekly magazine, and Hit Radio, a Hungarian Christian online radio have organized a solidarity demonstration Tuesday evening at the Shoes at the Danube Bank holocaust memorial site to stand with Israel in the midst of the wave of attacks carried out against it by the Hamas terror organization. 

Over five thousand participated in the event with speeches by Yacov Hadas-Handelsman, Israeli Ambassador to Hungary, and Sándor Németh, lead pastor of Faith Church Hungary, a longtime supporter of the Jewish state.

Organizers thought it was important to take a stand because they felt no decent Hungarian could stay silent in the face of these despicable and monstrous mass murders. 

In his speech, Yacov Hadas-Handelsman Israeli Ambassador thanked the participants for taking a stand. He pointed out that he had never seen so many Israel-supporting Hungarians near the memorial site. He stressed that

the Hamas terror organization and ISIS are in fact the same in nature and using the same methods, posing a civilizational threat to all of us.

He added that this attack had a sponsor, none other than Iran. The Ambassador has thanked especially Sándor Németh, lead pastor of Faith Church, for standing with Israel for several decades now. 

In his speech, Németh stated that this memorial site was not chosen by chance, as the Palestinian killers are indeed similar to the Nazis and the Hungarian Nazi Arrow Cross during the IIWW. He also posed a rhetorical question: Can someone be called a human being who kills innocent civilians, children, young people, and old people indiscriminately. 

"Satan lives on earth again and has taken on many human bodies,"

– said the leading pastor, who at the same time called on the demonstrators not to be afraid, to be brave, and to stand against this evil. 

According to Németh, the murderers must be punished and, in addition, we must stand by that, even when the world media starts to talk about Israeli aggression again. He concluded his speech by saying that he would welcome it if it were finally possible to secure the rightful claim of the Jews to use the Temple Mount.

At the end of the event, the crowd of five thousand gathered on the Danube bank remembering the victims of the terrorist attacks by lighting candles of solidarity.

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