Former British secret agent: Someone dreamed of 9/11 a year before it happened
 Former British secret agent: Someone dreamed of 9/11 a year before it happened

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2020. 04. 23.
Aimen Dean, a former terrorist of al-Qaeda, in his interview for Hetek magazine of Hungary, told how one of the perpetrators of the twin towers attacks had introduced him into his mystical dream long before the attack took place. When Osama bin Laden had come to know this information, he said: the dream will come true.

At that time, Aimen Dean was an established agent of the British secret service, MI6, within the terrorist organization, and in the summer of 2001 he was working to find out where and what kind of attack al-Qaeda was had been planning. On the ominous day of the terrorist attack, he stared at the dramatic news sequences in London, as it became clear what Osama bin Laden had done.

Subsequently he remembered that this is what he had been told by one of the hijackers a year before. "At that time, I had practiced dream interpretation based on the Qur'an, and one of the members of al-Qaeda came to me with a very strange dream more than a year before 9/11," Dean said. The person told him that in his dream he was sitting on a large bird, flying. "This bird flew towards a tall black tower and I knew it was the end. As we crashed into the tall building in the dream, I saw how the tower collapsed beneath me in the midst of the flames, and also that the sky above opened, said his former companion. The person was called Abdulaziz al-Omari, who at that time was not yet involved in the plan of 9/11. Later he was on the first plane that hit the North Tower of the WTC. The chief terrorist, informed of the dream, stated that "The dream of the boy will be fulfilled."

As a young man, Aimen Dean was a member of al-Qaeda himself, subsequently becoming disillusioned with terrorist organization as it had targeted civilians. He was roped in by the British secret service during a hospital treatment. With his help, they had been able to thwart several terrorist attacks, and also to capture or liquidate many terrorists, including most of his old friends. Finally, in 2006, former US vice president Dick Cheney's office accidentally uncovered his identity when they shared information on their sources for fighting terrorism.

About the current migration crisis, Dean told Hetek that nation states should defend themselves against subversive ideologies, otherwise "no one will be safe". According to him, in Budapest, but even in Saudi Arabia, he feels more secure than on the streets of Paris or Brussels, where "life-threatening elements are walking free". According to him, Muslim immigrants have a duty to integrate and be grateful that European countries received them, as they can practice their religion more freely in Europe than in many parts of the Arab world.

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