Polyamory and concubinage: where is the happiness?
Getting your orientation in love marketing
Polyamory and concubinage: where is the happiness?

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2023. 03. 21.
The enormous popularity of Valentine's Day proves that love has not gone out of fashion, it has just changed significantly. The severe pain of the breakup of marriages and the complicated reshaping of mosaic families is almost nothing compared to what love marketing is currently propagating.

Polyamory, a plural love that does not complement each other, reevaluates the concept of loyalty, or aims at multiplying the duality, is also discussed as a legitimate way to find happiness. And the children who are still allowed to be born are drifting with the events. People want to be happy.

Regarding to this, nothing changes over time or during anything else. For some ancient and mysterious reason- which we will come back to later- your happiness will always have something to do with a committed and secure partner relationship, or shall we say, being in love. But more and more of the listed adjectives are going out of fashion, and the concept of being in love is practically incomprehensible. In other words, it is becoming more and more unclear what we really want.

An ancient instinct of the heart

It's interesting to think about how step-by-step separation of commitment and love throughout history leads to today's culture and makes people paralyzed in the pursuit of happiness. The instinctive feelings, the visceral knowledge of people’s own desires, which their Creator has placed in them, are drowned out by the noise of a culture that overrides their senses, which shouts that the instinctive knowledge of the heart, which would dictate that it is capable of choice, decision and attachment is out of date. That is, they can be happy and make others happy.

Today, it is also a scandal if the formula of a missing era is stuck in the constitution of a country: marriage is a committed relationship between a man and a woman. However, the desire for a partner was not completely  eliminated  from people.

However, as a result of ideological re-education, we try to renounce the fact that the whole of our personality consists of two matching and complementary halves. Today's culture expects man to turn into a puzzle, to fall apart, so that the culture can put him back together as it pleases to do so. Like a fairy-tale Barbapapa who can take on any shape. And I wish it would stick to the exterior! It's not as if the ever-increasingly limitless possibility of reshaping one's appearance is something that ultimately leads to happiness. But it is even more important that we must adapt internally to the requirements of the age: we no longer desire what we actually desire, we desire what is made desirabled to us. Let's not want to become an integrated, i.e. collected, personality over the years, following decisions and choices for which we take responsibility, let’s want to disintegrate so that a separate industry can work hard to serve each part of us!

Instead of the economical and ideological system promises to abolish the compulsion of decision and loyalty. In exchange, we should not want to become a unified personality, because its individual parts serve much better the prosperity of the economical and ideological system.

So it can remain a person, but not in its original form and purpose, but in such a way that its existence serves an impersonal purpose. 

Therefore, today’s ideology is atheistic in terms of regarding man as a God. Human, on the other hand, is functional only in its originally integrated state, both in terms of its body and its soul. If you take it apart, it won't put itself back together and it won't find its place. Yet human continues to search for it determinedly and desperately, both on an individual and social level. As much as it needs the help of the entire spectrum of medical science, including not least the fields of dealing with psychology.

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Polyamory as a legitimate way of love searching (Photo: Shutterstock / PuzzlePix)

This is not happiness

The fact that God created humans in his own image has not  been completely erased yet from the cultural memory.

He is a Person, so He created people with whom He can have a personal relationship and who are also personally connected to each other. In the relationship, we are connected, we turn to the other with full-chest width, and we stay that way. On the other hand, for the pieces of a mentally and physically disintegrated person, this is impossible and it is no longer expected. However, this has consequences. And that is not happiness.

Even today's culture couldn't create a radically new formula for human relationships, so it nomnally kept it, except that all its elements were replaced along the way. Like an empty snail shell or sea shell, the lack of value is tried to be forgotten by the glitter of marketing. A heart that recognizes its Creator is able to choose, to decide, to hold fast, while knowing that what is happening in its heart is invisible to others. Hower today, happiness can’t be separated from visibility. What isn't posted on social media simply doesn't exist. Clearly, invisibility is not an attractive option today.

The once desired fifteen minutes of fame has been happened, now anyone can live their life continuously in front of an audience. How can a person listen to his heart, which is predestinated to be an invisible part of him?

Heart transformed on the basis of a new formula can’t hear the voice of its Creator, even if it could learn from Him what happiness consists of. It is an inescapable element of every ideology that it must promise happiness, even if none of them has managed to deliver. The relationship with God and people is connected from the beginning, so the relationship between people is also transformed. God-given "inconveniences" are eliminated from the question of a partner, the "compulsion" of choice is less and less attractive to those who grew up with the slogan "because you deserve it". If you don't have to decide anymore, you can use everything and everyone in parallel, because you "deserve it". The story is not about what the others deserve. "I" remained the only personal pronoun, all the others became impersonal, faceless pronouns. The instinctive feelings, the visceral knowledge of human’s own desire, which our Creator placed in us, are suppressed by the noise of the culture that overrides our senses, which shouts that the instinctive knowledge of the heart is out of date.

Fotó: Shutterstock / PuzzlePix
The instinctive feelings, the visceral knowledge of human’s own desire, which our Creator placed in us, are suppressed by the noise of the culture that overrides our senses, which shouts that the instinctive knowledge of the heart is out of date. (Photo: Shutterstock / PuzzlePix)

"Because I deserve it"

The essence of human relationship is that it is voluntary and mutual. Without it, it can not be called love,  acquisition is the correct term for this, where one person serves the other. This is how "because I deserve it" quietly turns into an ideology and overturns the formula for prosperity that is equally valid for everyone by the Creator of humans. If a person wants to know everyone they fall in love with at the same time for their own happiness, it doesn’t automatically mean that they all choose each other.

So who is eligible to choose? Someone will always be the first, the others can only be many, their rights are no longer the same as the first’s was. Are you sure this is fair? And if it's not fair, how and who does it make happy? Or isn't happiness for everyone, just for me, because "I deserve it"? The other characters are anonymous extras on the path of the "I" in search of happiness, which the various industries try to untangle for people. For them, the main character is important, the "I". Strictly in the present tense. The industry that supports consumption, but opposes reproduction, now wants the profit. Be it the military industry, the beauty industry, the food industry or even an ideology factory: politics, philosophy or tourism. It doesn't matter that the next generation, their future customers, will also fall victim, if the ancient Mathematics goes out of fashion where one plus one equals a pair.

Everyone has to be born, not from random parts, but specifically from two compatible halves- in another word, from two wholes. Children who are no longer considered worthy of being born must be brought up when they are born. Strong marketing is also aimed at tying the happiness of children to the happiness of adults, whatever that means. Thus, the circle is more or less closed, since they have already taken care of reframing the concept of happiness for adults, eliminating the difficult decision and the extremely uncomfortable loyalty, i.e. the commitment itself. However, science, which hasn’t been completely vanquished yet by ideology, can measure that setting an example is necessary to raise children. Human DNA determines what kind of examples there should be. Loyalty is also part of it, which is not only an example but also serves as the basis of their existence. Therefore, the mathematics of the future doesn’t prove that human is suitable for polyamory and its companions in the long term- which they irresponsibly try to introduce into common knowledge - unless they want to play a game of extinction with us.

The marketing of the new formulas are strong and doesn’t tolerate contradiction, it comes from all directions, there is almost no escape route. The Frankenstein-type personality randomly put together by today's ideologies searches in vain for the happiness that corresponds to its original purpose. The two are mutually excluding, despair of Frankenstein. A heart that recognizes its Creator can be happy and make you happy even in the midst of waves of ideologies. And to accept that what goes on in your heart is invisible, but you can experience it in return.

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